Friday, November 4, 2011

I am going to miss this view

this view!!!!!

not this view!!! Ha Ha!!!
5 November,
Well I thought that this day would never come! I have finally finished the last of my assignments and change is in the air... I will be leaving this beautiful home within 5 or 6 days. The girl Minta will return to the house from her travels in Europe on the 10 November and then I will be out of here to the Caribbean coast, hopefully to the Bay Islands, Honduras, Livingstone, then through Belize up to Mexico. I meet my brother and his girlfriend on exactly the 15th December so then we will travel together to Cuba/ Jamaica!! Yeah!! Im getting my rhythm back, after being deprived of dance and music in this quiet place for the past couple of months..
I have managed to get away though, to a place named Chiul and also Coban/ Semuc Chempey .. I will write a couple of separate posts about my road trips through the land slides . It is amazing weather now though, it is funny how all of a sudden the rain that we had every single day while I have been here just suddenly stopped a couple of weeks ago.. now it has been beautiful one day and perfect the next, although I kind of do miss the rain.
So this week is going to be a week of 'lasts'. But the plan is that I am going to try and have Fernando's family around to make lots of pizza to celebrate!
So all in all, my time in San Marcos has been stable and quiet, no going out at night, meditations in the morning and all good food. My spanish has been slowly improving but have not done anything formal for a while.. This week I may have a few more lessons before powering on on my trip.