Saturday, August 27, 2011

Casablanca, San Marcos

So I am sitting here on a Saturday morning - the rhythm of latin love songs in the background, soft puff of motorbikes and the gentle breeze on my warm skin, with a vista of pure heaven - a bright blue lake like crystal - framed by volcanic mountains and avocado/coffee trees. A local young Guatemalatecos work on the maintenence of a garden of life and another local women freshening up inside the house while I catch up with my emails and blogging. It is pure heaven here and there is plenty of room to stay over should you feel like coming for a visit in the next couple of months!!!! I can hardly believe my luck! So this week has been about settling into the place slowly. I now know the path to buy fresh fruit and veges, I now know my way around the kitchen, I have successfully managed to capture and remove a scorpion that founds its way inside (scary looking things!!). In terms of a routine - perhaps I will start on Monday, I have considered to continue a couple of hours 3 days a week to continue SPanish lessons - but then again I also have heaps of my own Spanish study I could do. I am slowly getting to know the great places to eat around town. I am also getting to know where do people hang out on a Friday and Saturday night? Maybe volunteer at the local Mayan indigenous school in the mornings... Then I really need to find focus for the afternoons for doing more literature review and plus the finalising the report from the NAPA school. And I will find time as well to go for walks and swims to experience the beautiful nature and energy in this area!!! To be continued . . .

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