Friday, August 12, 2011

Spanish Lessons in Antigua

So as part of the program we were required to take part in 3 hour afternoon Spanish classes every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. So my lessons with Vinicio mainly focused on using verbs in the present tense and improving my confidence with conversation and .. just getting me talking. I have been surprised at how quickly I have learnt. Even though I can not get everything that people say (just physically do not have the vocab!) I can usually get the gist and am trying to build my vocab and grammar to express myself. I still maintain the belief that a lot of communication when it comes to trust building is separate from language in common. But I look forward to the day when I can understand what people say to me, be able to respond and ultimately be able to partake in humour in the Spanish. Slowly slowly.. I now need to find myself a good Spanish teacher in San marcos to continue. I try to practice with my homestay family as well but it is not always to get everything and there is always the choice in the moment to interupt the flow of conversation and make it clear that I dont understand or just laugh and nod. I am definitely building more empathy and can now appreciate the value in people correcting me in the moment if I make errors when trying to learn a new language.

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