Friday, August 12, 2011

Final Day FIESTA (and pinata!)

On the final night we were able to let down our hair. Our mentors hosted a wonderful dinner and then we were in for a surprise - a Pinata!!! It was my first time and since I was the second oldest in the group I was the second last to try to hit the Pinata for the treats!! It was hilarious because after being blindfolded and spun I was walking in completely the opposite direction for AGES - everyone was in hysterics! Finally I found it and I was so full of energy but that time I gave it several good wacks- so it was on its last legs by the time it was Max's turn (the oldest student!). We were all Buzzing after the Sangria and the energy of all that we had achieved. I even remember teaching others 'french cricket' with all the energy I had! The night ended with us heading out on the town in Antigua. oh and I got the "Dancing Queen" Award!

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